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Bo & Bailey


Bo is an orphan with some unusual gifts. For example, it’s not every day you meet a kid with a green glowing eye that gets brighter when he feels powerful emotions. Sister Slade locks him away in the orphanage's fourth-floor attic where his only friend is a stuffed octopus. It’s where he spends day and night drawing beautiful murals on the wall. Bailey Winks is a thief from a poor mining town where babies are born with peculiar abnormalities due to toxic dumping. She’s desperate for money—the key to a better life. When she is deposited at an orphanage by her aunt, she becomes enthralled in the boy on the fourth floor. Through a series of secret nightly writing lessons through the door’s crack, Bo and Baily develop a deep friendship that sparks the idea to escape together.


  • 48711 words
  • About 195 pages
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