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Charlotte studies Earth Sciences and discovers a new life form growing inside the volcanic mountains in the Straight of Juan de Fuca. Somethng weird id about to happen, and her army officer father is part of the cover up. Pretty soon Charlotte is up to her ears is crazy people who she discovers are the raw material for a plan to infet humanity with the insanity virus. From ne end of posy grunge Seattle to the other, the streets are teeming with witches, cops, rock stars, religious freaks, traumatized war veterans, characters from popular song, and monsters. And charlotte is running out of time. Her new friend, who is destined to invent the first time machine, is about to have his mind erased by the Lord of Darkness. Even with all this going on, she has to make time for her new boyfriend, who is oblivious to the invisible underside.


  • 66038 words
  • About 264 pages
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