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Blackfyre: Witch Hunters


"It's too late for prayers now, for even the saints have taken up their arms in this war of immortals and mortals."
Tales of witches have been told for centuries, their stories little more than legends in the eyes of the people of Farmire - yet something in the darkness stirs, someone willing to resurrect his mortal handmaidens to do his bidding once more.
With this new threat, Nix Azrael vows to raise a Legion fit not only to hunt witches, but to slay a saint...
His selected soldiers comes from all walks of life, each one bestowed with great skill in fighting to take down their foe, forming the groundwork of the soon to be feared team Blackfyre, the Witch Hunters of Farmire.


  • 49767 words
  • About 199 pages
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