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Black Rose


Auspiciously talented singer and teen female fantasy idol, Ames Amell has arrived at the defining point of his career that is highly volatile and delicate, much to his dismay. For the first time in three years since stepping into the spotlight, he feels caged and overwhelmed as a result of the constraints attached to the famed lifestyle.

Free spirited Nigerian belle, Teniola Olaide who is spending the summer with relatives in New York after crossing the fazing hurdle of highschool has never felt more liberated in her entire life. Her sole intent is to have a magnificent holiday void of all forms of hormonal complications but things spiral out of control when she permits a decision of apparent irrelevance.

When their worlds collide and emotions sublime, they’d realize their feelings in play is acrid poison, hazardous to their lives.


  • 105212 words
  • About 421 pages
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