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Teju is a young Nigerian man who loves his wife, Simi. He refuses to cheat on her, even though his best friend- Sam enjoys the company of other women outside his matrimonial home.

However, exactly a week to his first wedding anniversary, he comes home late and drunk in the night. Simi accused him of making out with his personal secretary in office. Marital infidelity was an unforgivable sin to her. Being innocent, Teju's world begins to crumble down to pebbles, and the world of his wife, and his dear friend.

He is trapped between the struggle of proving his innocence and finding out the truth about his haunting past. As his past catches up with him, he must take a drastic step to rid and save himself, and more importantly his marriage, even if it meant becoming the villain of the story.


  • 84759 words
  • About 339 pages
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