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Birds of a Kinder Climate


The only thing MEE's mother ever gave her was HIV, she couldn't even be bothered with a name. She's always been alone on the inside but now that's she 16 and out of foster care, she's alone on the outside too; homeless in New York City.
One night as she attempts to sleep in the A&E of a busy hospital, Mee breaks her number one rule of keeping herself to herself when two drifters and their dog Duchie crash into her life.
STU and BONES become her family until tragedy strikes and Mee is forced to make the decision of just how far she is willing to go to get the family she has always wanted.
In a quest to find Bones's long lost sister Jane, the family find themselves on the road to Texas, with a pregnant dog and a limited supply of Mee's life saving meds.


  • 68704 words
  • About 275 pages
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