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Ashes of Legends


When Princess Larayne is flung beyond the Bermuda Triangle & into the mortal world, she is left with no memory of who she is or how she got there. A glowing mark on her wrist, fleeting premonitions & a daunting power are all she has to guide her until a handsome stranger with raven locks & sea-green eyes comes into her life.

Neither of them understands why they feel connected, where they came from or why they’re being hunted by sorcerers. Not until they come across a cave & a tale of revolution.

If the tales are true then Larayne & Eoin must find out who they truly are and where they came from before they suffer a fate worse than death.

But Eoin has a secret. One that could ruin everything. And it won’t be a secret much longer.


  • 88538 words
  • About 354 pages
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