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As the World Turns Cold


Mercy Baudelaire has been locked up since the day the government took her away from her family. The reason? To save their lives. Her childhood was spent on the run, escaping the hands reaching out to pull her into a world of deadly experiments. Because of her gifts she fought so hard to conceal, freedom was nonexistent.

As Mercy finds herself on the run once again, she encounters misfits with powers of their own; allies in a game of life she was sure to lose. Now, placing faith in freedom didn't sound too impossible. But where faith exists, darkness often lies in wait. Mercy's enemies refuse to go down easily and not even time can save her now.

In AS THE WORLD TURNS COLD, Mercy sets out on an adventure to prove that in a broken world where the line between human and monster wears thin, a little faith goes a long way.


  • 71673 words
  • About 287 pages
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