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American Legends


Labyrinth is a secret organization that recruits orphaned children to be the peacekeepers between the normal and paranormal communities. When the Director, Theseus, takes advantage of a UFO crash to publicize Labyrinth and the creatures they hunt, all cards are on the table. In 2020, aliens and monsters are common knowledge. Superheroes are just as famous as actors. Witches have to contain their magic or face lawful action. Aliens flee to Earth from a tyrannical race called Neonians, and Earth is next in their sights. One of these Neonians betrays his people to recruit a team in order to stop the rewriting of history. He finds a celebrity superhuman, a top Labyrinth agent, a teen with a robot fox, and a semi-immortal witch to round out his squad. Who wants to be a hero when you can be a legend?


  • 83147 words
  • About 333 pages
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