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Amanda Applewood and the Return of the False King


Amanda Applewood is a teenaged girl with dealing with all of the issues typical for girls her age: boys, self-esteem, and fitting in. Just as her family is finally settled into a new home in the city, her mother, an environmental journalist, is called away on assignment and decides to leave her for an indefinite stay with her uncle. Her mother’s departure brings back her feelings of abandonment from when her father once went on assignment and didn’t come back.
At the farm, she quickly discovers that she’s part of a magical family that guards a gateway between two worlds. When her sister is carried off by a dragon, Amanda feels that she can’t trust anyone to help her, so she sets off to rescue her, reluctantly accepting the assistance of a local who she’s certain will eventually abandon her as well.


  • 69695 words
  • About 279 pages
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