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Alpha And The Bitch


Cassandra was thrown into the dept of mistletoe , she knew then that there's something peculiar in the village that sits in the middle of nowhere. There she met the arrogant man who turns out to be a mad new alpha . He didn't hide himself to Her, the man seems to be both mad and drawn to her. When she's almost ready to open her heart for the beast she suddenly finds out that the reason of Vander remorse and partly affection towards her is because she looks like his dead mate Agatha. Irony of life played well because while trying to unveil all the mystery of mistletoe she accidentally unveil the secret of her past.

Her dark past that plays a very big role on Agatha the mate of Vander's death. Is a love story can bloom out of the remorse and nightmares of the past?


  • 46489 words
  • About 186 pages
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