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All I Haven't Said


Whitney Mendoza has it all together—her love life, her college plans, and erasing her past with Riley Grant, her high school boyfriend turned professional baseball player. With all the things going right, she hides the things that went wrong: her dreams, her depression, and her fascination with the Grants.

One foul play sends Riley back to South Carolina and back to Whit. For the past year, he's been writing to Whit and never hitting send. As he struggles through the young love they shared, and the secret that tore them apart, he starts to question what it meant and the price of the game.

When Riley makes the ultimate plea for help, Whit is forced to rethink everything. But helping Riley will put her heart and her mental health at risk, threatening the life she has planned and return her to the heart-breaking one she’d left behind.


  • 71091 words
  • About 284 pages
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