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Alexander and Rosalind


One night in medieval England, the smell of blood draws fourteen year-old vampires Alex and his twin sister to a dead body in the woods. They are not evil. Alex hates blood and wishes to be a bard, and Rosa only wants to live a normal life. But they're thirsty, and while Alex is trying to stop his sister from biting the body, a trapper spots them, and they flee.

When the trapper tells the village priest what he saw, Father Carroll becomes suspicious. He starts watching them closely, and when he uncovers the truth of what they are, Alex and Rosa are forced to flee the village they love.

Believing there's a sage who can cure them, they set out on a journey. But the priest is tracking them, and they’re running low on blood. And to be restored, they’ll have to risk not only their lives, but losing each other forever.


  • 60613 words
  • About 242 pages
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