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Aix Marks the Spot


Jamie has her dream summer all planned out: an intensive art camp and road trips with her best friend Jazz. What she didn't count on was the accident.

Exiled from the family as her mother slowly recovers, Jamie is sent to Provence to live with her estranged grandmother. Now trapped in a tiny house with no wifi, Jamie crumbles under the guilt of having almost killed her parents. That is, until, she finds an old letter from her father, the first step in a treasure hunt that spans cities and time itself.

Armed only with a high school level of French and a map of local train lines, she must enlist the aid of Valentin, a handsome local who's willing to help. She has castle ruins to find and sea cliffs to climb, but only if she doesn't fall for her translator first...


  • 79141 words
  • About 317 pages
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