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A Wider Sky


An alien species called the Y'vroi lived on Earth secretly as humans for decades before their takeover of the planet. It ended in a terrible massacre of most of the human race, becoming an event known as Eclipse. The Y'vroi are eagerly awaiting the coronation of their King, who will lead them to final phase of complete control of the Earth.
Gaelen, is to be crowned the first Y'vroian King of Earth and the last thing he needs is to be trumped by some human. Deep down, he knows he will never succeed as the future ruler. He is burdened by the secrets he hides until he meets a strange girl who literally knocks him out of his shoes and almost down a flight of stairs. Kiowa Walker shows him he is greater than his defects, but little does he know that the woman he chooses to love is a human.


  • 55661 words
  • About 223 pages
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