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A Second Take


Leila is a reformed middle school queen bee. When she gets the chance to ruse her inner villainess to make her character believable on the web-based TV show, SciQuest, she does it out of guilt to make up for her past actions. SciQuest becomes her respite where she can hang out with her best friend Parker, who knows about her past and crush on fellow actor Cole, who knows nothing about who she was before. Despite this sliver of happiness, she still can't seem to find common ground with her Dad and her Mom is still trying to get Leila to be her mini-me. When Riley, Leila’s ex-groupie, makes her way into Leila's new circles, she fears that Riley will expose her past as a way to get revenge. And if Riley won't do it, the mysterious texter will. Leila must confront her past before her past confronts
*a clean read*


  • 48920 words
  • About 196 pages
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