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A Matter of Perspective


Not all is as it seems. Surl, a country of magic, and Norr, a kingdom of science, have always been at war. By tradition, these battles are fought on an undisputed island between the two continents. However, a plague is infecting Surl - and no one knows the cause. Norr appears to have forsaken the rules of war and Surlian corruption runs rampant. Not that Parliament cares, considering who they assigned to look into the matter. A politician's son, the man in love with him, a Norrian thief, an unorthodox hacker, and a suicidal immortal become the motley crew to uncover the darkest secrets of Surl: Will they uncover Norrian sabotage? Or something no one could imagine?


  • 90789 words
  • About 363 pages
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