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A Graveyard of Stars


It's a year after Connor Mathews committed suicide, leaving his best friend Danielle lost and confused. The two shared everything since they were kids, so where were the signs? Why did Connor believe the world would be better off without him?

Danielle is familiar with loss, but this news hits her like a bullet. Connor and Danielle were partners in crime. But with Connor gone, Danielle is just a lonely outsider with a slight temper and a high probability to self-destruct.

After a few unlikely encounters that create a few unlikely friendships, Danielle begins to wonder if maybe not all surprises are bad. But without the answers she needs to erase the ambiguity surrounding Connor's death, how will she maintain a healthy life? Is it possible to live happily even in the face of everlasting unanswerable questions?


  • 53694 words
  • About 215 pages
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