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A Cage of Twilight


Pearl Imogen sees things. Magic’s cinnamon mist. Flowerpetal eyes in the dark.


Pearl’s grandmother saw things as well. Screamed about them. It’s said that the louder one speaks the more they’ll be heard. But the louder she screamed the faster asylum orderlies arrived.

Now, they’re after her mother.

Who also believes in magic pouring into this world during the twilight hour. In fae spiriting away those who linger outside in those few precious minutes.

To save her mother from her grandmother’s fate, Pearl would do anything.

And when those superstitions prove true, Pearl will do everything to return home.

But the faerie queen of the twilight hour has nefarious plans for Pearl. Plans that involve her name being taken. Written in blood as a covenant to her.

As a promise that she will never leave.


  • 50602 words
  • About 202 pages
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