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A Breath Of Silence


Delilah Rose White is a bubbly, bright avid reader who loves Jesus, and has lung cancer. And if push comes to shove, she is not afraid of dying.Leon Summers is super hot, super tall, super smart, and just... all the things!But he's also super deaf, not a Christian, and is afraid of missing out: of living.Brought together by circumstance,what Leon believes to be fate, and what Delilah believes to be God's plan for their lives, the two meet and it's love at first breath; at first sight.During a trip to New Zealand for Leon’s sister, Maggie’s destination wedding, they grow apart, they grow closer, Delilah gets sicker, Leon gets better. It’s a definitely a roller coaster ride. Much like life.Things are going great while they are away, but what will happen when they come home? Will they be able to find some sort of normal again?


  • 62004 words
  • About 248 pages
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