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Writing Prompt: Pinterest Poetry

I'll be perfectly honest, I do NOT have a head for poetry. It was the one part of English class that I never quite got. Everyone else would would go off on this long, essay-worthy spiel about how the poet is using symbolism to represent her childhood struggles and her relationship with her mother and her body image issues and I'd just be like, "... all she said was she doesn't like apples...??!!"

But despite my blank-screen-of-death face when it comes to trying to write poetry or explain it in words, I definitely FEEL it. Like holy crap, my EMOTIONS. I was sitting at my desk trying to put this post together and I had to be like, "Don't cry at work, don't cry at work, don't cry at work..."

I'm thinking anything that can pull out such a raw emotional response from someone probably makes an excellent writing prompt, right? I searched "poetry" on Pinterest and pulled a couple of my favorite finds.

Head to Pinterest and search for it yourself and see what catches your eye! Get any ideas for characters, plot lines, or even jut emotions or feelings you can work into your story? And hey, while you're there, why not follow Swoon Reads?

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