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Writing Prompt: I Would Walk 500 Miles

Swooners, I have a confession to make. You know how sometimes those proposal stories take over the internet and it’s a huge flash mob or there are a gazillion flowers involved or a robot delivers the ring (seriously, look at this ridiculous list of ways people popped the question for just a second), and everyone gets teary and puts it on their “Dream Wedding!” Pinterest board? Well, I’m the person rolling my eyes and wondering if the guy hired a bunch of strangers to help him out. Yes, I’m sort of a romance cynic.

But this weekend my friend proposed to his boyfriend. And it was like a full-on storybook proposal…but in a totally amazing, personalized way, with lots of friends involved in a scavenger hunt through New York, including a performance of some of his old writing, favorite snacks, and a reenactment of a beloved movie scene. And I finally got it! I’m not ready to call myself a convert yet, but I will now admit that really elaborate declarations of love can be awesome.

If they’re done perfectly.

So here’s the challenge for you. Your characters have finally, finally realized that they have some serious feelings for each other and one of them is ready to say it out loud. How are they going to do it?

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