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Writing Prompt: Character Playlists

When it comes to my own for-funsies writing, there are two things that are guaranteed to happen at some point: Ten minutes in I will get distracted by a shiny object or something and wander away for about three weeks, and also I will create an iTunes playlist for my main character(s).

I get the biggest kick (not to mention a totally legitimate “it’s not procrastination” defense) out of going through my music library and picking out the handful of songs that fit my story just so. Sometimes if I’m stuck on something regarding one of my characters or where the story should go, listening to the playlist helps me out of the hole.

As I’ve mentioned before, I think songs make excellent writing prompts. These just so happen to come from my latest character playlist from the story I’m currently procrastinating working on. Any of these strike a chord with you? (Music puns FTW!)

Helplessly by Tatiana Manaois

Stay by Rihanna (feat. Mikky Ekko)

Forever and Almost Always by Kate Voegele

How about you, Swooners? Do you make playlists for your characters? Will you now after reading this post?

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