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Writing Apps To Help You Beat That Writer’s Block

Some days, you want to write but the blank page in front of you feels like an insurmountable obstacle. Luckily, we found a few apps that will help you defeat writer’s block.

Story Plot Generator (free, available for Android)

This app is a fun tool to get your creative juices flowing. Choose your genre (Action/Thriller, Fantasy/Magic, Horror/Suspense, Romance, etc.) to receive a set of plot points.

For example, I selected SciFi/Space and got: “Location: You live in one of many domed cities on an otherwise uninhabitable planet. Complication: A government sponsored experiment is uncovered. Character: Your character’s past makes them seem untrustworthy. Detail: Earth’s energy supplies are almost exhausted.” Hit refresh to get new story elements. My personal favorite after a few refreshes was “Detail: Humans are able to upload memories in real time to an internet-like network.” Now there’s something I’d like to read (or write.)

Though Story Plot Generator doesn’t seem to have an iOS version, iPhone users can check out similar products like Storyteller, Fiction Idea Generator EF, and Story Seed Generator, which are all cheap (under $2).

Writing Prompt (free, available for Android) 

Maybe you want to write something, but the blank page is bumming you out. If you don’t know where to begin, this is a great tool. Writing Prompt offers fun prompts like “You find a box in the attic that doesn’t belong to you,” “When you get to the restaurant all the tables are occupied except for one,” and “You drop by unexpectedly at someone’s house and are surprised by what you see.”

Creative Writing Prompts ($2.99, available for iOS)

This app, also called simply “Prompts,” offers over 1,000 writing prompts, so it’s your best friend if you’re feeling uninspired. It also lets you share your writing to social media and back up your writing to Dropbox. The app gives you stats about your word count, writing speed, and what times and days you write the most. It also has a built-in reminder system that can help you establish regular writing habits.

Rory’s Story Cubes App ($1.99, available for iOS and Android)

If you’re a fan of the physical Rory’s Story Cubes, you’ll be pleased that these creativity-encouraging story blocks also come in digital form. Shake your phone to roll the cubes, and then see if you can make a story out of the images you get. This would be a great warm-up activity to do before writing or a way to give your brain a break during a long writing session.

Verses ($1.99, available for iOS)

Though we’re all about YA love stories here, we appreciate the power of a good poem. And this app is too nifty not to share. Verses is a combination word processor and rhyming dictionary. As you write your poem, you can look up rhymes, near rhymes, related words, and similar sounding words without leaving the app.

Instant Poetry (free, available for iOS)

Need to take a break? Instant Poetry combines the relaxing fun of refrigerator poetry magnets with the shareable joy of the Internet. The app gives you a set of words, and you can arrange them how you like, choose a backdrop for your poem (like a picture of your adorable cat), and send the poem to a friend. It’s a good way to decompress when you need a breather from writing, but still want to do something creative.

What apps do you turn to when writer’s block hits? Also, be sure to check out our first apps for writers roundup, which highlighted great tools for brainstorming and writing. Stay tuned for our third post about apps for writers that will highlight tools to help you stay focused on writing!

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