Who's in Your #YASquad?

With all of this talk about Taylor Swift’s squad and Amy Schumer’s squad and #squadgoals, (yes, Bill Nye, looking at you), it’s pretty much impossible to exist in today’s pop culture world and not have thought about who would be in your hypothetical “squad”. As I thought about mine, I began to notice a common theme . . . all of them are fictional, and all of them are in YA books. Obviously this realization begged the question: With so many badass leading ladies in YA lit, who would I choose to be part of my #YASquad?

Each member of a squad brings something unique to the table. Some of these Squadresses (that’s definitely not a thing) have essential skills beneficial to a squad, and some are just people I would love to be friends with. So without further ado, my #YASquad!

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter

Hermione was the first person who jumped to my mind when I envisioned my squad. She’s super smart, driven, she can do freakin’ MAGIC, and she and Crookshanks come as a package deal. What squad is complete without a feline mascot, amiright? Lookin’ at you Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson (Taylor Swift’s cats).

Willowdean from Dumplin’

Willowdean is simply fantastic. She gets shit done, she’s confident, and most of all she has the balls to take a risk, and stand up and prove people wrong. I love her; she’s in the squad.

Winter from Winter

Winter is super loyal, and would never turn her back on her friends even in the direst of circumstances. Also, every squad needs a little crazy, right? The Spice Girls had Scary Spice (and also Ginger Spice, let’s not forget she had some wild moments), Taylor has Cara, etc.

Frankie from The Lovely Reckless

Frankie is smart, resilient, and completely unafraid of danger. She also packs an extensive arsenal of self-defense skills, and could easily handle a getaway car if need be—and you never know when you may need a getaway car. Mostly, she just seems like a girl I would want to be friends with, and thus, she’s in the squad.

Inej aka “The Wraith” from Six of Crows

Inej is a bonafide badass. She escaped what was essentially sexual slavery, survived living on the streets of Ketterdam, and earned her place in The Dregs, the most notorious gang there. She can pick locks like it’s nothing, and is sneaky AF. Also, she knows how to keep a secret, a valuable quality for any squad member.

Me, Jo Kirby

What I lack in magical abilities/lock-picking/drag racing skills/general badassery, I make up for in enthusiasm and a knowledge of every word of the Hamilton soundtrack! LESGO!

So there it is, Swooners, my #YASquad. Who is in yours? Share in the comments and on social media, and don't forget to tag @SwoonReads and #YASquad!

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