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What’s in a Tote Bag?: Help Us Create Some Bookish Swag for You

We are lucky to have such a supportive community of bookish folks that help us do everything from choosing which books to publish, picking cover directions, and even titling our books. And now we have one more ask for you:

What sayings would you love to have printed on swag? 

(Think free totes, notebooks, pencils, socks, [insert thing you love that you wish we made], etc.)

What are we looking for?

Anthem-like quality: Something you’d want to wear proudly. Something that, if you ever saw someone else wearing/carrying/holding it, would make you want to ask where they got it. (Example: Our Shelfies Over Selfies tote)

• Must be bookish: "Shelfies Over Selfies," "Self-Confessed Book-Obsessed," "I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie"... We want to create something that you will love and want to share with all your bookish friends

• Make it snappy: As much as we love a long bookish quote, phrases that are too long just won’t fit on a tote or a notebook or a pair of socks. So try to keep it short, sweet and grabby.

Here are some sayings we currently use:

• Shelfies Over Selfies

• Self-Confessed Book-Obsessed

• Write This Minute

Have a clever slogan or swag item idea for us? Let us know below. If we choose your idea, we’ll be sure to make sure you are rewarded with some swag of your own!

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