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What's in a Name?: Help Us Find a Title for Tiana Smith's Book!

Since you’ve all proven yourselves to be amazing book titlers, we’re coming back to you to help us name Tiana Smith’s debut novel, Scratch That. We asked for book title ideas at BookCon, but we haven’t landed on that perfect title yet. That’s where you come in.

Here’s the lowdown on the plot:

Normally, Mia loves being best friends with Robyn, her high school’s very own Cupid, who runs a matchmaking service out of her locker. But when Robyn refuses to set Mia up with star athlete Vince, who Mia just knows she’s meant to be with, Mia is forced to take matters into her own hands and do some matchmaking herself. 

But Mia doesn’t count on Logan, the persistent (and yes, cute) school newspaper photographer who keeps showing up at her side. Soon, Mia realizes that being a matchmaker isn’t all fun and games, and she has to fix the mess she’s made—before she ends up with the wrong boy.

What are we looking for in a new title? We’d love something that is...

  • Fun: This is a light and funny YA contemporary romance, and the perfect title would give the reader a sense of the flirty and fresh voice.

  • Hints to matchmaking: Our perfect title would let the reader know that this book is about pairing up perfect high school sweethearts.

  • Has a sense of tension: There's a great push-and-pull in Mia and Logan's relationship, and the perfect title would let the reader know that it's not all smoothing sailing in this book!

To get the juices flowing, here are some titles that have been rattling around in our brains:

  • Scratch That – This is Tiana's original title, but we unfortunately can't use it because it refers to a plot element we're removing in edits (scratching out names in a magic book). 

  • When Mia Met Her Match – We like that this sounds fun, accessible, and interesting while hinting to what actually happens in the book, but we're not sure if it has the right pop.

  • Mismatched – This title was suggested by one of the BookCon participants, and while it sums up the book's plot, we're not certain it stands out enough as a title.

  • Your Title Here – We want to hear what title you think would be great for Tiana's book! Tell us your ideas in the comments below (and don’t forget that you can “like” other people’s comments with your fave titles). If you submit your title, you could see it on a PUBLISHED book! And if you love one of the titles above, tell us that, too!

Happy titling!

Please share your thoughts by noon EST on Monday, September 18.

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