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What's in a Name?: Help Us Find a Title for Devon Taylor's Book!

If any of you awesome Swooners attended BookCon this year and visited the Swoon Reads tables (You did visit us, right?!), you would have seen that, like we did for Jennifer Honeybourn's new book, we were giving readers a chance to suggest title options for two Swoon titles: Soul Sweeper by Devon Taylor and Scratch That by Tiana Smith. And we decided we also wanted to give those of you who couldn't make it to New York a chance to play, too! 

First up is Soul Sweeper! For those of you who didn't get a chance to read it while it was still available on-site, here’s the lowdown on the plot:

Rhett always thought that death was the end of everything. But after he dies, he discovers it’s only the beginning.

He awakens in the afterlife and is immediately recruited by a snarky Brit named Basil to join the crew of the Harbinger, a colossal seafaring vessel tasked with ferrying the souls of the dead. To where exactly, no one knows. But they must get them there, and they have to protect them from vicious soul-eating monsters that will stop at nothing to take the ship and all of its occupants.

Rhett and his new friends have a hard enough time fighting back the monsters that grow bolder and more ferocious every day. But then a new threat emerges, a demon who wants something that Rhett has. And if she gets it, it could mean the end of everything… for both the living and the dead.

What are we looking for in a new title? We’d love something that is…

  • Dark (but not TOO dark): Devon's story takes place in the incredibly atmospheric and mysterious world of the afterlife, with stormy seas and scary monsters and ghost ships. The perfect title would give the reader creepy-cool vibes.

  • Paranormal/Adventure: This ain't your typical ghost story, and the perfect title would let readers know that action-packed paranormal elements abound in this book!

  • Kick-butt: This book is crammed full of awesome action that is going to leave readers' hearts pounding from start to finish. The story itself is incredibly cinematic, so we'd love a title that reflects that epic scope.

To get the juices flowing, here are some titles that have been rattling around in our brains:

  • Soul Seeker – This option stays close to Devon's original title, which is a plus, and substituting "Seeker" for "Sweeper" fits with the story better. But it's not sure it's quite as grabby as we'd like it to be.

  • The Deadkeepers – This was the top choice we got from visitors at BookCon! It's definitely got that creepy-cool thing going on. What do you think?

  • Your Title Here – We want to hear what title you think would be great for Devon's book! Tell us your ideas in the comments below (and don’t forget that you can “like” other people’s comments with your fave titles). If you submit your title, you could see it on a PUBLISHED book! And if you love one of the titles above, tell us that, too!

Happy titling!

Please share your thoughts by noon EST on Wednesday, July 12.

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