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What’s in a Name?: Help Come Up With a Title for Maggie Ann Martin's New Book!

Hello Swooners!

I’ve been keeping an incredibly fun secret from you all. I have a new book coming out in summer 2018! 

It doesn’t have a name yet, but it has so much of my heart. The book follows Savannah, a girl in her senior year of high school, who has just dropped her older sister, Ashley, off at her freshman year of college. Now she’s home alone with her mother who has just gotten off of an extreme weight loss reality show.

Savannah soon learns the art of video calling (thank god for FaceTime), and starts to spend more time with her best friend, Grace, to stay out of her mother’s weight-obsessed bubble. She meets Grace’s cousin, George, under less-than-ideal circumstances involving almost being run over by his car in the school parking lot, and then being assigned as his Calculus tutor.

They form an unlikely friendship built on a love of pizza and 2002-era rap and come to understand each other in a way that neither of them anticipated.

I’ve tried to describe this book in so many different ways. In one way, it’s a book about sisters. It’s about how you deal with your live-in best friend being separated from you for the first time in your whole life. In another way, it’s about love, and the different types of love that you encounter as a seventeen-year-old.

But in the biggest way, it’s a book about finding your voice and believing in what you stand for, even when the people around you don’t.

I’m so thrilled for you all to meet Savannah, George, Ashley, Grace, and the entire gang.

Oh, and remember how I said it doesn’t have a name yet? Well, we want to hear your title ideas! What do you think would be the perfect title for my book?

Here’s the lowdown on what we’re looking for. We’d love something that is…

  • Light (but not TOO light): This is a fun, contemporary love story, but it does delve into some more serious, realistic issues as well, like body image and parental pressure. So we’re looking for light, but not fluffy. Think Dumplin’ or Holding Up the Universe.

  • Sassy: Like in The Big F, the main character of this book has some snark and humor to her. So we’d love a title that has a touch of attitude.

  • In the Now: Throughout the book, our characters are very concerned with the past or what might happen in the future, but learn they need to take time to settle into the now and live in the moment. It would be great if the title could reflect that feeling of being happy in the moment.

To get the wheels turning, here are some titles that have been rattling around Swoon HQ:

  • Our Kaleidoscope Hearts – This is my original working title! But the whole “kaleidoscope” thing references a piece of dialogue I wrote for the first draft that will be coming out in edits, so it doesn’t fit anymore.

  • The Spectacular Now – We all love this title so much! The only problem? It’s already taken!!! *shakes fist at Tim Tharp*

  • Your Title Here – We want to hear what title you think would be great for my book! Tell us your ideas in the comments below (and don’t forget that you can “like” other people’s comments with your fave titles). If you submit your title, you could see it on a PUBLISHED book! And if you love one of the titles above, tell us that, too!

Happy titling!

Please share your thoughts by noon EST on Wednesday, July 26.

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