Welcome to Swoon Reads – the Beta edition!

Hello Swoon Readers and Writers! We need your help!

It was last summer that we started thinking about a crowdsourced, teen romance publishing program.  Having followed romance writers and readers on blogs and websites and in print, we know you are a devoted, avid and informed group.  So what better way to discover romance authors than to engage romance reading fans.  Welcome All!

The readers and writers visiting Swoon Reads are busy people and we appreciate the time you are taking to visit our site.   To our Writers—we look forward to reading your manuscript.  It takes courage and a little bit of faith to put yourself out there.  And Readers, we value your opinions and we are counting on them.  Please read and rate!   Thank you for building Swoon Reads with us.  We are nothing without you!

This is the beginning of something new. Please forgive us if we are not completely perfect in our execution. We are relying on your involvement and feedback.

Here we go.  Our Swoon Says Blog is where you’ll be getting updates from us about all things swoonworthy.  You can also check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Stay in touch,

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