Tips Tuesday: Type Casting

Imagine that fonts are actors. What type of movie would you expect to see if the actor came in looking like this:

image 1


I hope you said western.  Now how about this one:

image 2


Action adventure. Right?


And if you paid to see a movie romance set in medieval times you might not be surprised our font/actor dressed like this:

image 3


You can see that even without an image, fonts can convey genre. All right, changing the words in the title certainly helps, but the typeface a designer chooses can make all the difference in terms of setting a tone.


Sometimes you want the image to say romance and the type to suggest the genre as in this cover for Hourglass. (handlettered by Sarah Jane Coleman.):

image 4


In Eleanor & Park the designer, Olga Grlic, and the jacket illustrator, Harriet Russell, make smart use of the ampersand to tell you something about the romance within:

image 5

The point is, for those of you who choose to design a cover for your Swoon submission, mind your fonts. You wouldn’t want to send your actors in wearing the wrong jacket.

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