Titles of 15 Poems I Wrote in High School, Presented Without Comment

  1. Tylenol PM
  2. I’m a Night Owl and You’re Ambiguous
  3. Practice Your Monologue on Someone Else
  4. Be Happy For Me, Dammit
  5. Baby’s Got the Blahs
  6. Distractions Within Our Lines of Vision
  7. The Jester Is Missing His Court
  8. Little Black Rain Cloud
  9. Pathological
  10. Met Him Upon the Stare (spelling error intended)
  11. A Talk With A Stainless Steal Box (spelling error not intended)
  12. How I Lost My Independence or You Win
  13. Upon Being Hit By A Bus
  14. Shattered Rose-Colored Dreams
  15. Warhol Was Right

— By Katie F., who cannot believe she’s willingly putting this on the Internet

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