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The Top Six Hottest YA Summer Jobs

It’s summertime Swooners, and you know what that means: Time for a summer crush. Crowdsourced from several Swoon Staffers, here is a list of the hottest summer jobs YA male leads can have. Think we missed something? Share your favorites in the comments!

1. Lifeguard/pool attendant

Shirtless, responsible, strong/brave enough to save someone’s life? We’ll take it. Including “pool attendant” in this job description simply because of Josh from Heather Demetrios’s I’ll Meet You There, one of our favorite YA dudes who works at a hotel with a pool but isn’t technically a lifeguard.

2. Snack bar attendant/waiter

So this job might not be the sexiest job, but if you find yourself flipping burgers/stirring up milkshakes next to a cutie at the local snack-bar or restaurant, there’s probably a 90% chance you’ll end up dating for the summer. Great example of a restaurant romance: Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy.

3. Peasant/Farm boy who is secretly a prince/pirate/scoundrel.

This dream combination doesn’t happen often, but when it does, DAMN.

4. Camp Counselor

We all know which camp counselor we’re talking about here. Lookin’ at you, Eric.

5. Christmas Tree Farmer

We mostly picked this one because we love Not That Kind of Girl by Siobhan Vivian, but it also gets bonus points because Taylor Swift grew up on a Christmas tree farm, and we love her too. Also, we might start writing some T-Swift / Christmas Tree Farm Boy fanfiction soon. Who knows.

6. No job, just surfs all day long

This might not be the most financially sound decision, but surfer dudes are very chill, very tan, and typically very hot. All of those qualities combine to create one fantastic summer crush.

Think we missed some smokin’ summer jobs? Share in the comments!

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