The Skates Cover Direction for THE BOY NEXT DOOR

Our Creative Director Rich D. has created four amazing cover directions for THE BOY NEXT DOOR and we are counting on you to help us decide which one actually goes on the book! We know it’s a big decision, so we’ve sat down with Rich to find out what inspired this cover direction:

Boy Next Door Cover - skates 2

One of the best things about the Swoon Reads cover voting process is that we get real feedback from the romance community, and it allows us as designers to test different ideas.  I personally am always drawn to conceptual covers… ones that make you stop and think a little bit, so I always like to try and throw a conceptual piece into the mix.


Since all three of the other covers featured a couple in some shape or form, I wanted to do something that was very different and not so straightforward here. The wood background gives it a bit of cute small town personality, and the black and white skates bring in the ice skating element while hinting at the idea of a couple (without actually having to picture them) and of course, the hearts announce that this book is a romance.

(Also, I would like to thank KB for her help on this cover.)

If you love what Rich is doing here, let us know by leaving a comment and voting for this cover direction. And remember, this is a cover direction, not the final cover, so if you have suggestions for making it even more Swoonworthy, share it in the comments!

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