The Second List is Coming–You Have One Month Left to Submit!

Attention Swooners!

We’ve been making some pretty big, pretty exciting announcements lately about our first list—but don’t forget that the deadline for our SECOND list is April 30th (11:59 PM EST)! There is only one month left to submit your manuscript to Swoon Reads if you want to be considered for this next round of swoonworthy selections. And if you’ve already submitted your manuscript and are wondering what you can do to get the word out, this FAQ blog post has some great information.

Just a quick refresher on how it works:

  • Any manuscript uploaded by 11:59 PM on April 30th, 2014 will be eligible for our second published list.
  • Ratings and comments from the Swoon Reads community will let us know which novels have the most swoonworthy potential, and we’ll take a look at the manuscripts with the highest ratings and best comments.
  • Our editorial board will then decide which of these highly rated manuscripts we find the most swoonworthy, and we will offer their authors a $15,000 advance against royalties to publish them in both paperback and e-book formats!
  • If your manuscript still isn’t quite ready, don’t worry, this process will happen three times a year. So if you need another 4 months, you can always wait and submit for our third book list instead.

And Readers, please feel free to get a head start on helping us choose the most swoonworthy submission. The second list deadline for rating and reviewing eligible manuscripts isn’t until 11:59 PM on May 31st—one month after our submission deadline—but it is never too early to read, rate, and comment! Your feedback has been instrumental to making Swoon Reads’ first book list a success, and we can’t wait to see what you think of new manuscripts as they’re uploaded.

Have questions? Ask them in the comments!

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