The Love Life of: Allison from Teen Wolf

WARNING: If you are thinking to yourself right now… “Oh! Teen Wolf, I’ve been thinking about watching that show! Maybe I’ll read this blog post and see if I’m intrigued enough to watch it!” … *RECORD SCRATCH* *CAR HORN* *SIREN NOISE* *NYPD CARS DRIVE UP*

Get out. There are way too many spoilers in this post for even the casual spoiler hunter.

Anyway, you don’t need me to tell you to watch Teen Wolf. You should be watching it already. It’s wonderful and perfect. I’d say just google it and see for yourself, but as of right now I’d wait a bit before you search, because currently the top news items are the aforementioned SPOILER. I’m not being dramatic, I’m just looking out for you.

The Love Life of Allison Argent!

Do you think they all left? I hope so.

…Is it too soon to talk about Allison Argent? I hope not. I plan to talk about Allison until the end of time. Get ready for it. My obituary will read “She loved Cheez-Its and talked about Allison from Teen Wolf a little too much.”

Okay, here goes.

The thing about Allison, is that she snuck up on us. She was introduced as the sweet and pretty “potential love interest” of the main character (werewolf Scott McCall), and was, as expected, suspicious of his supernatural powers. And that was basically her role at the beginning of the show. That initial role seems so archaic now, and just plain out of character, like Kelly-Kapoor’s-fashion-in-season-one-of-The-Office out of character.

Three seasons later, when we lost Allison Argent in battle (naturally) in the season finale, I also lost one of my absolute favorite female characters–I’m not about to complain about the abundance of “strong female characters” recently… that would be ridiculous, we can always use more & more & more, until they are known as just “female characters”–but so many “strong female characters” are that way because they were forced to be that way, either by necessity to survive, to save someone they love, or out of anger to avenge someone they love. In comparison, Allison became strong simply because she wanted to.

“That night, at the school, I felt utterly weak. Like I needed someone to come and rescue me. I hate that feeling! I want to feel stronger than that. I want to feel powerful.”

There was even an episode in season 2 where all the main characters were drugged and they were each hallucinating their worst nightmares. Allison’s was that someone in a hoodie was following her around the house. Right when the hooded stalker pulls a crossbow on her, Allison calls out for Scott to help, but not before the attacker turns out to be… Allison herself. “Look at you, always crying out for help… so pathetic.”  Yep, you read that right, Allison Argent’s worst nightmare was that she was someone who needed to be saved. So, she became someone who didn’t need to be.

Allison may have started her arc on the show as Scott’s girlfriend, but even after she broke up with him she continued to both be a part of the show, and a part of the “pack.” There were even times when she was fighting against our heroes, and she was occasionally an obstacle in their way, but she was never irrelevant. Allison had a storyline and purpose outside of her relationship with Scott, and when everyone was fighting on the same side again, Allison was always there fighting alongside them. As a human, she was always one of the most vulnerable targets, but you wouldn’t know it. Though she often asserted that she was “not fearless” and “always terrified,” Allison Argent died as she lived, trying always to be brave.

Prospect #1: Scott McCall

Okay, I’m going off book. Allison had love interests, and I really liked both of them, and I even had grand plans to talk about both of them before last season’s finale, but that all changed now that Allison is gone. I can’t bring myself to talk at length about her relationships with Scott or Isaac because she ended her life on the show as so much more than that. Sure, Allison loved Scott, Scott loved Allison, Allison loved Isaac, and Isaac loved Allison, but I loved Allison because of who she became. So I guess that’s what I wrote about today.

If Teen Wolf started its life as a show about boys saving their girlfriends, it quickly became a show about everyone saving everyone. Scott’s probably had to save his best friend Stiles more often than he had to save any of his girlfriends. If you ignored me and read on without having seen Teen Wolf, I don’t know what to tell you. Allison was strong and lovely and I’ll miss her so so much.

And if this is all just too serious and you really just want a cute Scott/Allison moment, here you go: When Scott’s computer was getting hacked back in season one, it was revealed that both his username AND password were “ALLISON.” How incredibly stupid. How incredibly cute. <3

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