The Fictional Closet: Harriet the Spy

The Swoon Staff obviously loves to read, but did you know that some of us love to shop? What better way to extend the reading experience than by trying to put together outfits based on what we’re reading! Luckily for us, there are some awesome shopping sites like that can help us make sartorial fiction a reality. Follow us on Polyvore to see what we’re creating!

You guys. I know I seem to be trapped on the spy-novel train (shh, I’m pretty happy about that), but I just learned something:


Fifty. Years. Old. Seriously, how crazy is that?! I bet most of us remember reading this book as kids. I know for me it was one of the first times I really connected emotionally with a story. I thought Harriet’s snooping and informants and secret-note-keeping was just about the coolest thing ever. When she gets busted and everyone’s so upset with her—I understood why, because MEAN, but couldn’t shake the feeling that the spying was still just about the coolest thing. I remember the visceral reaction I had (actually I still feel a little echo of it when I think about this) when Harriet’s last friends turn on her and she has no idea what to do. All of which is to say, I guess, that this was the first time I felt really conflicted from reading a book, and that’s an experience that sticks.

Although I know this isn’t a usual Swoon type of book, I was so excited after I read this incredibly thoughtful article about the 50th anniversary that I started imagining what Harriet would be like if she were a little bit older. And even though this book is timeless in part because it skips over tricky tools and outdated technology, well…there are some gadgets that are pretty much made for Harriet.

So without (too much) further babbling: comfy red sweatshirt and cuffed jeans, of course; some updated Chucks; a gorgeous leather belt with super-useful snappy pockets in all sizes; binoculars with a built-in reading light which I might be buying for myself; and Harriet’s dream tool: a pen that’s also an audio/video recorder AND flash drive so many tools in one!!

Additionally, if you spot me skulking around Manhattan with a giant sweatshirt on, it’s totally not weird, it’s because the 50th anniversary edition has a spy route map.

Just saying.

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