The Fictional Closet: Eleanor & Park

The Swoon Staff obviously loves to read, but did you know that some of us love to shop? What better way to extend the reading experience than by trying to put together outfits based on what we’re reading! Luckily for us, there are some awesome shopping sites like that can help us make sartorial fiction a reality. Follow us on Polyvore to see what we’re creating!

Most of you have probably read Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park at this point. If you haven’t, let me add to the clamor of the rest of the world saying you should read it and say: pick this book up right now! Unless you have something against crying in public, I guess. Although I would say it’s absolutely worth it even with the weird looks on the subway. Anyone who’s read the book understands. Anyway, St. Martin’s just put out a gorgeous collector’s edition that features some of the truly inspired fan art:

Eleanor and Park fan art

Call me a sap, but looking at this made me get teary all over again.

So I made this! Plaid shirts, striped menswear shirts, patched jeans, chunky stacked jewelry, lots of Joy Division, and the perfect pansy necklace.

Eleanor Polyvore

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