The Fictional Closet: A Polyvore Set for Also Known As’ Maggie Silver

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The Swoon Staff obviously loves to read, but did you know that some of us love to shop? What better way to extend the reading experience than by trying to put together outfits based on what we’re reading! Luckily for us, there are some awesome shopping sites like that can help us make sartorial fiction a reality. Follow us on Polyvore to see what we’re creating!

If you all haven’t checked out Robin Benway, you should stop what you’re doing and go read her books RIGHT NOW. I’ll wait.

Okay, so now you should have some idea of how much freakin’ fun her stuff is to read. She can nail a character so well within the first two paragraphs that you’ll believe you’ve been friends for years.

Also Known AsThe Also Known As series’ protagonist is Maggie Silver, who’s grown up the daughter of international spies and is a rather incredible safecracker herself. Suddenly thrown into private school in NYC, Maggie has to adapt to rules, friends (especially sad/bad girl Roux), and—of course—boys.

So, what does a teenage spy off on her first solo mission (which, I might add, requires some serious flirtation!) wear when she’s not trapped in a weird private school uniform? Obviously some big sunglasses and a slouchie black beanie hat, but I also think a pop of color is necessary—spies can’t just go around looking like spies, after all. And the most essential accessory is the poison ring! (I’ve always wanted a good excuse to have one of these.)

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