The Symbolism of Colors

Color is more than just what you see! Color has the power to be a character in your story! As a designer and lover of literature, I always get a little too excited when color is used as part of a narrative. 

Color is an essential tool in storytelling! In film or painting, color has the power to instantly set a tone and mood. In writing, we don’t have the advantage of actually seeing colors, but that doesn’t mean color isn’t a valuable tool in your writing arsenal.  Sure, it’s easy to simply describe something, like “Her eyes were blue,” “His car was red,” “The cat was grey,” but using color as something more than just an observation has the potential to give your characters and world an incredible amount of depth. Here’s a quick infographic with a few examples of how colors have been used to add depth to characters, places, and whole narratives!  

(If you're having trouble reading the infographic, try right-clicking and opening the image in a new tab to make it bigger.)

color wheel

Can you think of any other instances where color has played an important part in telling a story?

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