Swoonworthy Novel Aesthetics: Part IV

We LOVE novel aesthetics. A few weeks ago, there were a ton of them floating around Twitter (and our TBR lists grew exponentially). It's a great way to visualize the characters and tone of a book. We have MANY fantastic titles coming your way this year, and our authors have put together their own novel aesthetics as a preview for their books. Check out No Love Allowed by Kate Evangelista and Been Here All Along by Sandy Hall below!

No Love Allowed

"In No Love Allowed, Didi is an artist who loves Van Gogh. In fact, a quote from Van Gogh is in the book. Caleb, who is against falling in love, finds himself slowly falling deeper and deeper for Didi with each party they attend together until fireworks." —Kate Evangelista

NLA novel aesthetic

Been Here All Along

"As a reader, I love being able to picture characters in my head without too much influence, so as an author I like to leave a lot of the details out of the description. I picked these specific pictures because they were indicative of how I imagine the characters from Been Here All Along, but they didn't feature any faces. I also wanted to make sure that Gideon and Kyle were each represented separately in some way, Gideon with the binders, Kyle with the basketball court. The other pictures are just little details of their lives together. And, honestly, the heart stickers were just too cute to pass up." —Sandy Hall

BHAA aesthetic

Keep an eye out for these two books, coming soon from Swoon Reads! 

And don't miss our previous Novel Aesthetics created by our authors: Kimberly Karalius and Danika Stone, Jenn P. Nguyen and Karole Cozzo, and Cindy Anstey and Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas!

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