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Swoonscopes: It's Scorpio Season, Time to Get REAL

Did everyone have a good Libra season? Are you feeling as beautiful and balanced as a newly born butterfly? If you are, congrats to you! But if not, don't worry, because maybe you aren't a butterfly, after all: If Libras are the butterflies of the zodiac, then Scorpios are the moths—a little stranger, a little less flashy, and attracted to the secrets of the dark night. And with the days being shorter and the nights being longer, it's definitely moth season. We're deep into autumn and far from the shallows now, folks!

Complex and secretive, Scorpios are often oversimplified as being the most ~sensual~ sign of the zodiac. While they definitely are passionate creatures, they're more than that. Superficiality holds no sway over them, and they want to build the most authentic lives they can with loyal people that they know and trust absolutely.

Scorpio season, which runs from roughly between Halloween and Thanksgiving, is about soul-searching, understanding, and ultimately, transformation. A common symbol of Scorpio is the scorpion, but, as the sign most closely associated with change, the scorpion can evolve into an eagle, and then a phoenix, depending on how enlightened it becomes.

How does one reach astrological spiritual enlightenment, you ask? Well, this is a time for being honest with yourself (yikes!) and your feelings (double yikes!) because that's the only way you'll truly grow. Does the mortifying ordeal of being known also strike fear into your heart? Don't fret, friend—you can keep it to yourself or a trusted therapist if you'd like, because Scorpios deeply value personal privacy (although they absolutely adore hearing the secrets of others.)

That said, here are some books and characters that capture the essence of this season.

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The Soul Keepers by Devon Taylor

When Dumbledore said that death was just the next great adventure, he really wasn't kidding. When Rhett dies in a car accident, he awakens in the afterlife and is recruited to join the crew of the Harbinger, which carries the souls of the dead. (Think of Chiron from Greek mythology meets Will Turner as captain of the Flying Dutchman in Pirates of the Caribbean.)

Due to the traumatic circumstances of his death, Rhett is able to go into the world of the living to safely escort the souls of the dead to the Harbinger before soul-eating monsters can consume them. (So much for resting in peace!) One demon in particular is after Rhett, although neither Rhett nor his new friends know why. She seems to know more about Rhett and his new life-after-death than he does himself... Hidden depths don't even begin to cover this spooky, pulse-pounding thriller!

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Foolish Hearts by Emma Mills

On the surface this book reads as a simple contemporary romantic-comedy: When new girl Claudia accidentally witnesses a private break-up between It-Couple Paige and Iris, she incurs the wrath of the particularly-prickly Iris. Things get worse when she and Iris are paired together on a project. Things get even more worse when they fail said project and are forced to join the school's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream to earn extra credit. There, Claudia gets to know her classmates more, and meets the cute, goofy Gideon.

Although this book is both funny and swoonworthy, perhaps its most endearing quality is the intense, multi-faceted friendships between the characters. A Publishers Weekly starred review summed it up perfectly when it said that this book "evokes the high stakes and vast rewards of trust, intimacy, and honesty."

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Wicked Fox by Kat Cho

Gu Miyoung's rules of survival are simple: Keep her head down, don't stand out, and most importantly, don't let anyone know her secret—that she's a monster straight out of Korean mythology. A gumiho, a nine-tailed fox who must consume the souls of men in order to sustain her immortality. And in modern-day Seoul, there are no shortage of men whose souls deserve to be devoured. But Miyoung is bad at following her own rules, and when she comes across a goblin attacking a human boy, she can't help but break them all to save him, losing her own soul in the form of a bead, in the process.

Jihoon can't stay away from the surly, beautiful Miyoung, even knowing her secret. Miyoung has never had a friend like Jihoon, whose selfless loyalty and uncomplicated kindness warm her cold fox heart. But when Miyoung's bitter, merciless gumiho mother and a young shaman discover this friendship, their actions will change the course of Jihoon and Miyoung's lives forever, forcing Miyoung to choose between her immortal life and Jihoon's mortal one. A rapid page-turner, this heart-pounding, heart-melting book explores issues of platonic and familial loyalty, responsibility, and justice.

So curl up with a cup of your favorite cider and submerge yourself in these spooky Scorpio reads, and I'll be back next month to usher in fiery Sagittarius season.

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