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Swoonscopes: Capricorn Season Sees You and Thinks You're Doing Great

The holiday season can induce a rollercoaster of emotions, whether you celebrate or not. I, for one, hope everyone out there is having a restful holiday season, because right smack in the middle of it begins perhaps the most ambitious, driven time of the zodiac, so you'll need all of the energy and focus you can find! Without further ado: welcome to Capricorn season.

Beginning right around Christmas to just right after MLK Weekend, I want to assure you that Capricorn season is not to be feared or bored by, but respected and revered. Seriously! For those of us who are feeling burnt out right now (I see you out there doing your best!!) the idea that you're entering a period that focuses even more on work may seem horrific, and I don't blame you, but I'm here to say that that doesn't make it joyless. On the contrary! Think of what else falls during Capricorn season: The start of a new calendar year, aka the time of reflections upon the past year and resolution making of a new year. Capricorn season is telling you that you can do anything you put your mind to, and you have all of the skills you need in order to make your ambitions a reality—and especially during a holiday, family-oriented season that can induce powerful emotions, the grounded, reliable nature of Earth-sign Capricorn's can be a breath of fresh air.

We've been together for some astrological time now, and to call-back to previous seasons, if Scorpio season is all about emotional desires, and Sagittarius season wants you to take action upon those desires, then Capricorn season is about planning concrete ways to make those desires a reality. Desires are good, and doing something about them is better, but if your actions aren't efficient and purposeful, then will those desires ever come to life?

If you're not convinced yet, some of the coolest and most passionate people are Capricorns: Dolly Parton, LeBron James, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Michelle Obama. So think about the essence and energy of those incredibly successful, incredible people, and start the new year off right. Again, I see you and believe in you!

For inspiration, read these books:


Rules We're Meant to Break by Natalie Williamson

Amber has no time for distractions: she has her eye on the prize, which is getting into her dream college and away from her mom and her many boyfriends, who Amber has strict rules and boundaries about how she interacts with them, and anyone connected to them. But those rules are getting harder to keep when Amber and her mom move in with her mom's latest boyfriend Kevin and his daughter, Amber's classmate Cammie.

All this would be manageable (her mom's dated men with children before) if not for the added factor of Cammie's best friend and Amber's crush, Jordan. Amber wants to graduate with no emotional attachments or complications, but will this ambitious, focused go-getter realize that the rules she created years ago to protect her heart might be worth revising... or breaking all together? A sweeter, cleaner version of Sarah Dessen's classic This Lullaby, this is the perfect frothy read in quiet moments in a private corner away from the holiday madness.

I Wanna Be Where You Are cover

I Wanna Be Where You Are by Kristina Forest

Chloe Pierce is a Good Girl: she's a hardworking student, a dutiful daughter, and a good friend. But most importantly? She's a dedicated ballerina, with ambitions to audition for an Alvin Ailey-inspired ballet company. Her overly-cautious mother forbids her from doing so, wanting Chloe to focus on achieving a much more stable future, but Chloe refuses to give up on her dreams, and concocts a secret plan to drive 200 miles to the nearest audition while her mom is out of town.

However, she hits upon a speed bump in the form of Eli, her ex-friend and annoying neighbor, who blackmails her into letting him come with, along with his dog Geezer. And that's before they even leave the neighborhood! You can only imagine what sorts of hijinks these three get into—the course of true love (on-stage or otherwise) never did run smooth, after all. Will Chloe make her audition in time? Will her mom find out? And what do you mean that there's more to Eli than Chloe thinks? You won't be hearing the answers from me—you'll have to check out the book yourself.

American Royals cover

American Royals by Katharine McGee

After America won the Revolutionary War, its people offered General George Washington the crown (true story!) In our reality, of course, he turned it down, but in a world in which he didn't... what would our world look like if the House of Washington still sat upon the throne?

Princess Beatrice, Crown Princess of America and soon to be its first Queen Regnant, is a focused, accomplished heir to the throne, free of scandals and (seemingly) free of selfish wants, at least in the eyes of her subjects. She performs her duties so flawlessly that no one can tell that lately she's finding them stifling, especially the latest one her parents have mandated: finding a husband from a very small pool of eligible bachelors. Too bad she's actually falling for the person who knows the real her best: her bodyguard.

Her siblings, twins Princess Samantha (the wild child) and Prince Jefferson (the affable charmer) don't have the same pressures and seemingly no ambitions. Samantha expects nothing from her future because no one expects anything of her, while Jefferson is stuck between the affections of Samantha's unpretentious best friend, commoner Nina, and his ex-girlfriend, conniving, ambitious Daphne. This thoroughly entertaining book is a tug-of-war between the many needs and perspectives of wildly differing characters, and is not to be missed.

That's all from me for now! See you next time, for revolutionary Aquarius season.

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