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Swoonscopes: Bring Balance to Your TBR This Libra Season

We've all been enjoying our Hot Girl Summer, coined by rapper sensation Megan Thee Stallion, in which we all should do whatever we want and whatever makes us feel our absolute best. I hope you've all harnessed that energy as you transition into this next season (no matter what Starbucks tells you, fall officially starts on the autumn equinox of September 23rd, just like Libra season.) A lot of companies and corporations will be playing Mad Libs, trying to convince you, in line with whatever product they're peddling, that it's [Adjective] [Noun] Fall, but I'm hear to tell you the simple truth: Fall is for lovers, baby.

Maybe you don't believe me—after all, I am writing on a website called "Swoon"—and while I understand your skepticism (I'm a millennial, after all,) rest assured I've got the (astro)science to back me up here!

Libra season, ranging from the very start of fall to right before Halloween in October, is closely associated with Love & Beauty (basically, Libra is the Sailor Venus of the zodiac.) The commonly associated symbol of Libras are the scales, held by Lustitia, the Roman personification of Lady Justice (how badass is that?!) What this means is that Libras are especially wonderful because not only do they champion love and justice (maybe they're the Sailor Moon of the zodiac instead!) but they also urge balance. Love is great, say the Libras, but not at the expense of everything else wonderful in your life.

Whether you're a Libra or not, use this season to contemplate all of who you love in your life, and their places in it. What needs balancing in your life and how can you get there? In the meantime, here are some reads that exude Libra energy for you to dive into.

IIMYH cover

If It Makes You Happy by Claire Kann

Winnie is living her "best fat girl life" as she enjoys one last perfect summer before starting college: she's got the best job at her granny's diner, a great family, and an (un)girlfriend she adores. When she's unexpectedly crowned Misty Haven's Summer Queen in small-town-quirky matchmaking scheme, she's immediately overwhelmed by the amount of community engagements and spotlight she's put under, and that's nothing to say about the way her fellow Summer King makes her feel.

The only way for Winnie to save her summer will be by learning how to face her fears and figure out how her new title fits into her current life. Follow her journey as she discovers that balance!

laura dean keeps breaking up with me cover

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me by Mariko Tamaki, illus. by Rosemary Valero-O'Connell

We've all had that love, romantic or platonic: the confident, charismatic figure who you adore so much but is also so bad for you. For Frederica "Freddy" Riley, that person is Laura Dean, her on-again, off-again girlfriend, who alternates between making Freddy's day and breaking her heart.

When Freddy's BFF Doodle takes her to a medium for some much-needed advice, the medium flat-out tells her to break up with Laura, but Freddy just can't give up the high that Laura Dean's sporadic attention brings. Soon, Freddy will learn that the cost of trying to keep Laura Dean is high: she'll lose her friends, her integrity, and her self-esteem.

Will Freddy ever get her life back on track, and be able to break free of Laura Dean for good? You'll have to read this critically acclaimed graphic novel to find out!

with the fire on high cover

With the Fire On High by Elizabeth Acevedo

Emoni Santiago is a lot of things: a high-school senior, a dutiful granddaughter, a talented (and some say magical) aspiring chef, and a teen mom. She adores her daughter Emma (known as Babygirl) but she also knows that her post-high school options are limited because of her as well.

When a new cooking elective becomes available at school, Emoni signs up for it, even though she thinks she doesn't have the time to spend not studying, and she definitely doesn't have the money to spend on the class' educational trip to Spain in the spring. But the class is full of opportunities: a strict teacher who becomes a mentor; classmates who become friends; and even a new boy who might ease his way into her guarded heart.

In a world she thought was closed to her for good, Emoni learns that maybe all she needed to do was create those doors for herself, and that she has an entire community to help her do so.

I hope you enjoy these reads! I'll be back next month to set you up for Scorpio season. :)

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