Swoonworthy Novel Aesthetics: Part I

We LOVE novel aesthetics. A few weeks ago, there were a ton of them floating around twitter (and our TBR lists grew exponentially). It's a great way to visualize the characters and tone of a book. We have MANY fantastic titles coming your way this year, and our authors have put together their own novel aesthetics as a preview for their books. Check out The Way to Game the Walk of Shame by Jenn P. Nguyen and How to Keep Rolling After a Fall by Karole Cozzo below! 

The Way to Game the Walk of Shame 

I won't lie, I had a pretty hard time trying to find the right images for this collage. My main inspiration was the growing romance between Taylor and Evan, but I also still wanted to keep the mood very fun and light. So I ended up highlighting my favorite scenes in THE WAY TO GAME THE WALK OF SHAME. From the pizza and aquarium dates to Evan's hot surfing scene. (I mean, how could I not?) :) The lockers and pinky swear pictures were an awesome plus for the high school rumors and secrecy.

— Jenn P. Nguyen

The Way to Game the Walk of Shame

How to Keep Rolling After a Fall

How to Keep Rolling After a Fall is set in a beach town during the off-season, so I wanted to capture the somewhat desolate feeling of the town, which parallels the way my MC, Nikki, feels at the start of the book - isolated and abandoned. I also wanted to capture her transformation - from a girl in hiding back to a "shining star" - that takes place over the course of the story. And this aesthetic wouldn't be complete without including the people who help her get there - Pax, the resilient wheelchair rugby player who helps her rediscover her inner beauty, and Sam, her badass new bestie. Can't wait to share this story with you in August 2016; until then - keep rollin', friends!

— Karole Cozzo

How to Keep Rolling After a Fall Novel Aesthetic

Keep an eye out for these two books, coming soon from Swoon Reads - as two girls attempt to repair their very damaged reputations, they both find something they never expected along the path to redemption... love.

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