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Building the Perfect YA Prom

For a lot of people, prom is a magical high school memory. The perfect outfit, the perfect date, the perfect song... What could make it even better? Making it bookish, of course!

Our Swoon authors dreamed up their perfect YA-themed prom and created moodboards to go with their vision. Have a scroll through, then create your own and share on social media!

Sandy Hall

My YA dream prom would consist of a little bit of everything I love. For starters, my date would be Porter Roth from Alex, Approximately. I can totally picture him in a cool pair of sunglasses and his casual interpretation of a suit. Once I have my dream date, my dream dress would definitely be polka dots with pockets. Any dress with pockets is automatically my favorite. I'd add little touches of gold and yellow to make it fun and springy, including a yellow rose corsage and pineapple shaped earrings. I love pineapples almost as much as I love polka dots. I'd top off my look with glittery gold Keds, because let's be real, sneakers are so much more fun to dance in than stilettos. At least for me. All of this would add up to a perfectly memorable night!

sandy's prom

Natalie Williamson

I would go to YA prom with Wes from The Truth About Forever. We’d double with Kristy and her date and play Truth and First Letter, Last Letter in between our favorite songs. And after the dance, we’d head to the World of Waffles for breakfast at midnight. It would definitely be a prom to remember.

natalie's prom

Prerna Pickett

I would totally rock prom night with Josh Bennett from The Sea of Tranquility. Josh would show up in a classic tux, because he’s a classy guy. You might have a hard time getting into his giant truck, but he’d definitely lend you a hand in that department. For dinner he’d present you with your favorite ice cream flavors and the two of you would eat each and every one of them. Josh may not join you during the fast songs, but the slow ones? Yup, he’d cradle you in his arms and sway you back and forth until you melted in his arms. You may not win prom queen, but Josh would totally take you back to his garage afterwards and build you your very own throne because you’re a queen to him.

prerna's prom

Vicky Skinner

My YA prom would be a night to remember because it would be romantic, fun, and classy. Even though Tobias (from Divergent) is a man of few words, we know that deep down, he’s a big softie, and I know he’d be the perfect prom date. We’d slow dance, munch away at fruit and cookies, and take a walk under the twinkle lights!

vicky's prom

Melinda Grace

I chose Scarlet from The Lunar Chronicles as my date because she is fierce, smart, witty, and beautiful. I think a girls' night out with her would be lots of laughs and adventure. Scarlet may have a tough exterior, but is unwaveringly loyal to her friends, so I know that if we were to get into any trouble she'd stick by my side! I love the galaxy dress for myself and chose the heart nebula as a representation of adventure.

melinda's prom

Maggie Ann Martin

Levi Stewart from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell has all the makings of a dream prom date. Not only is he sweet, charming, and would rock a plaid sport jacket, but he is the ultimate supportive dude. A hype man, if you will. I'll need a hype man to pump me up for prom, an event where I will have to be the center of attention for at least a little bit, which makes me want to crawl under my covers and hide. In this alternate universe I would also be brave enough to dye my hair to play into our Fangirl teal/blue aesthetic. Levi + Maggie = a prom to remember (*wink*).

maggie's prom

Katy Upperman

Prom’s all about fun and romance! For my perfect YA prom night, I’d wear a vintage-inspired floral dress. I’d twist my hair into an up-do, adorning it with something delicate and sparkly, and a bright pink ranunculus corsage would finish off the look. It’d be amazing to ride to prom in style, and what’s cooler than a classic pink car? My date, dreamy Peter Kavinsky from Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, would go all out to make the night one to remember, and I’d bring along pink-iced cookies for us to share when the dancing is done.

katy's prom

Karole Cozzo

Nate McCauley (One of Us Is Lying) gets my vote for prom date. Because that poor, broken boy has had such a rough time of it, he deserves one night of HS normalcy. And because when you’re over prom, he’ll be game to take off, hop on his bike, and see where the night takes you. Theme song: Broken by Lovely the Band. Practical shoes for above-mentioned bike ride and helmet-friendly low chignon. Just leave the burners at home, Nate!

karole's prom

Danika Stone

Of all the people to take to prom, Xander Hall from All the Feels would be my choice. His Steampunk stylings, witty banter, and rocking dance moves would make the night loads of fun. Add Xander's smoulder to the mix, and you'd have a YA prom to remember!

danika's prom

Tiana Smith

Who wouldn't want to go to prom with a spy? Zachary Goode from Ally Carter's Gallagher Girls series has always been a favorite of mine, so I picked him to be my YA date. I know it'd be a night I'd never forget (unless he altered my memory with some tea, that is). Whether you're running from the bad guy or dancing the night away, you need an outfit that you can move in, so I chose a little black dress with an understated sophistication—perfect for the spy life. I'd opt for simple makeup and hair too. You never know when you'll need to blend in like a chameleon or do some covert ops. It'd be a night of thrilling adventure and heart pounding moments. The perfect prom.

tiana's prom

Catherine Tinker

I would take The Goblin King from Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones. We would spend most of the evening on-site at the masquerade under the stars, but ultimately veer off into the Goblin Grove and slow dance by ourselves, humming our favorite songs and eventually improvising new melodies and picking glitter and confetti out of each other's hair.

catherine's prom

Aiden Thomas

I would 100% go with Ronan Lynch to YA Prom. It wouldn't be a date date, but a friend can be the perfect person to take to prom! And by "take," I mean "drag," because I doubt Ronan would willing go to prom—let alone wear a SUIT—without some serious bribery. I'd go with a deep red suit, and, obviously, we'd take his dad's classic BMW. We'd get up to loads of shenanigans and only dance when terrible electronica music was blaring. Eventually, we would wind up at the Barns with the rest of our friends and set off fireworks Ronan made in his dreams. It would DEFINITELY be a prom to remember!


Now it's your turn, Swooners! Put together your own moodboards for your perfect YA prom and post to Twitter or Instagram with #YaPromToRemember and don't forget to tag @SwoonReads! We can't wait to see what you come up with.

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