Swoon Spotlight: Site Updates

SwoonworthyNewsDo you like our new look? We’ve tweaked a bit, moved around a bit, and added some awesome new features for the community!

  • Want to just looks at books you can still read on site, or browse through our selected manuscripts? We’ve broken out Swoonworthy manuscripts selected for publication into their own category! This is where you can see what’s being published, when they’re being published, updates from editorial, and more exclusive sneak peeks.
  • Want to more easily switch between paranormal, contemporary, the most thrilling, or hot manuscripts submitted to Swoon? Filter by genre, sub genre, Swoon index, and more. This will help you find the books you’re most interested in quicker!
  • Wish you could follow other users and see what your friends on site or everyone on site is reading, rating, and reviewing? Look no further than the new Community Hub or Connect section for a newsfeed of what else is happening on Swoon Reads right now!
  • You can follow users by going to their profile and clicking the new ‘Follow’ button. You will be able to see a custom newsfeed in the Connect section of all of the Swoon Reads users you follow, including authors Sandy Hall, Jenny Elliott, and Katie Van Ark!
  • Our ratings and review system has been refreshed to group everything together better, asking for a whole picture!
  • You asked for it, and we listened. A user’s recent activity will still say if/when they’ve rated a manuscript, but the exact rating of the manuscript will no longer be shared publicly. We hope this will encourage more constructive and honest reviews of the great manuscripts on Swoon Reads!

And more! There are more additions coming over the next few days and a ton of new toys for us to play with on the back end of the website to prevent fraudulent activity and better help bring the community together!

– Swoon Reads Digital Team


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