Swoon Reads Site Updates

Hello Swooners! Notice anything different? Say, A NIFTY NEW WEBSITE?!


We’ve been working hard to continue to improve your Swoon Reads experience, and over the next couple of weeks you will notice some new changes to our site. For starters, we have a new e-reader!

Here are some things you will get with the new e-reader:

  • Commenting in Manuscript: No need to leave a manuscript to leave a comment. Simply highlight a paragraph, and leave feedback directly in the e-reader!
  • Navigation between chapters: In the menu bar, you can now click to go directly to a chapter instead of needing to use the progress bar.
  • More viewing options: Change your font or your background color for the optimal reading experience.

In addition to a new e-reader, we have some other new features we hope you will enjoy:

  • Badges & Tier Levels: Earn badges for participating on site, reach higher tiers as you read more, and become a Swoon Reads super user! (Check out the badges in your profile)
  • Swoon Index: Our Swoon Index is now on a scale of 1-10, so you can tell us exactly how much heat, tears, thrills and laughs a manuscript has.
  • More ways to discover great reads: When logged in, your homepage will now feature reading recommendations for you! You can also find great reading recommendations on your “My Reads” page.

For Writers:

  • Check out your manuscript page. We’ve added some new stats so you can track how your manuscript is doing! We’ve also updated our review fields in hopes of helping readers give you the best feedback possible.
  • Note: You will no longer get an email anytime a user comments on your manuscript, however we will be rolling out new alerts and notifications within the site over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

We will be continuing to make improvements to both the site and the e-reader. If you have feedback or experience any issues, please let us know. We are always looking to make improvements to Swoon Reads!

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