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Swoon Reads Season 7: Time to Read!

The Season 7 submission window closed last night, so you know what that means, Swooners! It's reading time!

Throughout the month of February, we'll be combing through all of the submissions to look for the next batch of swoonworthy selections. But we need your help! Have you read a manuscript that absolutely captured your heart? Would you want to see it published? Tell us!

For the next month, read, rate and comment on any manuscripts you think deserve a shot. And remember, constructive criticism is more than welcome. Don't think that pointing out any trouble areas will make us turn a book down. On the contrary! This tells us you CARE, which makes US care! And even if we don't end up selecting that manuscript, you've still given the author some fantastic feedback that they can then use to make some revisions and maybe come back for another try.

So writers, you might be wondering: How do I get more people to read, rate and comment on my manuscript? We're so glad you asked. Here's a short checklist of everything that can help manuscripts float to the top:

1. Shout it from the rooftops! Share your manuscript on your social media channels. And be sure to tell your family and friends to come and review your book. Remember, actual feedback means more than just saying "I Loved it!".  And as we said, critiques do not hurt you! Also remember, that Swoon Reads isn't a contest. We don't judge based on number of ratings and who has the most.

2. Share the love! Don't just drop off your manuscript and peace out. Engage! Reach out to your fellow Swooners, both on the site and on social media. Read other people's manuscripts and leave your honest, constructive thoughts (Guess what, we DO read them!). They might just return the favor.

3. Fill out your profile! This tells us you are invested and want to be part of the community. We want to get to know you, and so do your fellow Swooners!

4. Follow us online! Follow @SwoonReads and our Swoon authors on social media. We'll even retweet your posts. Trust us, we all WANT to hear from you! Also don't forget about the Swoon Says blog. We love to hear from you in the comments!

Happy reading, Swooners! 

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