Swoon Reads Press Roundup

http://adhdrollercoaster.org/adhd-in-the-news/adhd-in-the-news-roundup-march-2010/Hey guys! We’ve been live for about a month now and we have received some great press. In case you missed them, we’ve gathered some of our favorite news pieces about Swoon Reads and collected them here. Take some time to peruse them. They’re great!


School Library Journal

“Swoon Reads…which gives fans of young adult and new adult books unprecedented power to choose which new teen romance novels they wish to see published.”


Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Chicago Tribune

“The best part of Swoon Reads is the staff-curated blog section, “Swoon Says.” This area of the site offers thought-provoking posts like “Epilogues: Pain or Pleasure” (the writer sides with pleasure) or “What’s in a (Nick) name” (the poster is in favor of nicknames, but not terms of endearment) or the ultimate thumbsucker “What is Romance?” The site also features pieces from working novelists who offer advice for amateur writers. Jessica Brody’s post “Drunk Monkeys Wrote My First Draft: The Art of Finishing a Book” is a must-read.”

USA Today

Heroes and Heartbreakers


“I really want the crowd to source and bubble them up. The community has a good idea of what they like, and sometimes us publishers miss the point,” Feiwel says. “We don’t always know what’s of interest to our audience, even if we’d like to think we do. The whole point of this is to see what other people think.”


Huffington Post

Publisher’s Weekly

“Looking at the self-published books that have risen to the top of bestseller lists, I realize that there is a lot of talent out there, but so many debut authors find it hard to break through. It struck me that I would love to break down some of the walls and come up with a different publishing model that gets readers involved. Romance readers are an avid, very vocal group.”

Author spotlight

Swoon Reads Staff

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